GKS90703BXAG Parts List:

Blower Motor — 0131F00020SP, Goodman/Amana

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Vent/Inducer Motor – 0171M00000S Goodman/Amana


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Circuit Board – PCBBF112S Goodman/Amana Gas Furnace HSI Board

Circuit Boards


Furnace Gas Valve — 0151M00013S / B1282628, Goodman/Amana, Single Stage


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Hot Surface Ignitor — 20165703S, Goodman/Amana



Pressure Switch – 0130F00000P Goodman-Amana Furnace Switch

Single Pack Pressure Switch 111125018

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Flame Sensor – 0130F00010 Goodman-Amana-Janitrol

Flame Sensors

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