Blower Motor Assembly – 0131M00446SC – Component assembly required


The 0131M00446SC motor assembly is a combination programmed controller end bell and 1/2hp blower motor assembly. It consists of two components; the motor controller end bell and the motor. These two components require assembly and installation by qualified service personnel. Both components are warrantied for one-year from date of purchase, and are non-returnable and non-refundable. All of our parts are shipped factory direct, giving you the assurance you need for a quality repair on your Goodman, Amana, or Daiken product.
The 0131M00446SC controller/motor assembly replaces obsolete part numbers 0131M00446, 0131M00156S, 0131M00373, and 0131M00213.


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Replaces Blower Motor for Model Numbers:

  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041CA
  • DP15GM3009041
    • DP15GM3009041AA
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041CA
  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041AA
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041AA
  • WGGE4530A090M
    • WGGE4530A090MAA
  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041BA
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041BA
  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041AB
    • APG153009041AC
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041AB
    • GPG153009041AC