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Goodman Blower Motor – 0131M00156S / 0131M00446S 1/2 HP Programmed Motor Assembly

The 0131M00446SC blower motor assembly consists of a 1/2hp variable speed blower motor and a programmed controller end bell that attaches to the back of the motor. Installation requires plugging the motor into the end bell and then attaching the end bell to the variable speed motor with the supplied screws prior to installing the motor assembly into the unit being repaired.

All our parts are guaranteed genuine Goodman OEM replacement parts for several Goodman, Amana, and Janitrol units that are sourced directly from Goodman Manufacturing giving you the assurance you need for a quality repair on your furnace, air conditioner, or other Goodman product.

The 0131M00446SC blower motor assembly replaces obsolete part numbers 0131M00446S, 0131M00446, 0131M00156S, 0131M00373, and 0131M00213.

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Replaces Blower Motor for Model Numbers:

  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041CA
  • DP15GM3009041
    • DP15GM3009041AA
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041CA
  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041AA
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041AA
  • WGGE4530A090M
    • WGGE4530A090MAA
  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041BA
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041BA
  • APG153009041
    • APG153009041AB
    • APG153009041AC
  • GPG153009041
    • GPG153009041AB
    • GPG153009041AC